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MBBS Abroad

MBBS In China

China is considered as a great country to pursue mbbs. Many Indian students every year take admission for mbbs in china. Mbbs in China involves high quality of education with low cost. The MCI passing ratio of students who pursue mbbs in china is high.

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MBBS In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located at the central part of Asia. Mbbs in Kazakhstan can be a relief for the students who want to pursue mbbs in abroad at low cost. Prices are reasonable for the students. There are number of facilities provided by the MCI approved universities of Kazakhstan.

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MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is country with beautiful landscape views and scenic beauty. The universities in Kyrgyzstan are approved by MCI. Medical universities in kyrgyzstan offers mbbs with low fee structure. MBBS Degree from Kyrgyzstan is highly valued in India.

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USA is a stable county both politically and economically. The admission process is quite simple. The medical universities offer high quality education. After completing mbbs in USA you can practice in India or USA. You can have a choice to grow your medical career in USA.

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MBBS In Russia

Russian universities are choice of many students who wish to study mbbs abroad because of low fee structure and living costs. In the past few years there is a massive increase in the number of students travelling to Russia for mbbs course.

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MBBS In Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the best destination to study MBBS. Mbbs in Ukraine is an economical option for students who want to study mbbs at a low cost. There are many students who have returned to India after successfully completing their MBBS.

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MCI Screening

FMGE Exam which is also known as Medical Council of India Screening Test is conducted by NBE twice in a year. This exam is important for a medical student having MBBS Degree from abroad and wants to practice medicine in India.

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NEET PG is an entrance exam which is mandatory for a candidate in order to pursue his post graduation course/diploma in medical field. Every year more than 1 Lac students appear for this examination.

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MBBS Abroad

It is a fact that students who want to pursue MBBS in a good medical college, whether it is government or private compete and work hard to get admission but can’t get because a few students are able to clear entrance test and few are not able to afford the high donation fee for the private medical colleges. In such circumstances, the students decide to pursue mbbs abroad. Many universities abroad are providing mbbs and other medical courses at a very low fee structure as compared to medical colleges in India.

Many countries like Ukraine, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, USA, etc are providing high-quality medical education at a very affordable price. The students from Asian countries like India, China, Nepal, and Bangladesh, etc, every year go to foreign countries to study their MBBS. Most of the universities that offer students from other countries, to pursue MBBS are MCI, WHO recognized and are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

The top picks by the students to pursue mbbs abroad are:
1. Ukraine
2. Russia
3. China
4. USA
5. Kyrgyzstan

Most of the students think that the process of admission for MBBS in Abroad is a very difficult and time-consuming process. But in reality, it is not, the process of admission is quite simple and easy for mbbs abroad. A student doesn’t need to worry too much about that. In abroad, there is no need to clear any entrance test for admission.

The common question arises that what we have to do after completing 3 years of mbbs course. Here are the steps you need to follow after mbbs course:
1. Clear MCI Screening test.
2. 1-year internship in India.
3. Register with MCI as a medical practitioner.
After completing the above 3 steps, the medical students can appear for NEET-PG examination.

Why Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS Abroad is a great career option for students who want quality medical education at low cost. There are many benefits of studying MBBS Abroad.

Here are some benefits of MBBS Abroad:
1. Most of the medical universities in Abroad are approved by MCI, WHO and the World Directory of Medical Schools.
2. These universities provide high-quality education at a very low fee structure.
3. There is no requirement to clear any entrance exam for getting admission in MBBS Abroad.
4. The students can come back and work in India after the completion of MBBS.
5. Universities also provide scholarship to students.
6. The accommodation and other facilities are of high standards with affordable costs.
7. Students get direct and guaranteed admission in the medical college of their choice.
8. There is no requirement of donation or capitation fees.
9. After MBBS Abroad, PG courses are also available.
10. With modern medical equipment and world-class infrastructure, students are able to gain knowledge in a proper way.
11. Countries like Ukraine, China, etc are economically and politically stable due which students are able to study with focus.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Abroad

The eligibility requirements are as follows for MBBS admission Abroad. One must need to fulfill these requirements before taking admission in MBBS Abroad.
1. The student must have completed 17 years of age at the time of admission or will complete the age before 31st December 2019.
2. The student must have completed 10+2.
3. The student must have acquired at least 50% of aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
4. The student must have acquired at least 50% of aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in case of SC/ST/OBC.
5. The student must have English as a subject in 10+2.
6. Must qualify NEET Entrance Exam.

Admission Process for MBBS in Abroad

The admission process is quite simple as the procedure is systematic and the documents required are very less in number. One can easily get admission if he fulfills the document requirements on time. Students are required to submit the following documents for their admission letter.

1. 12th results, matching with the eligibility.
2. Passport copy

After submitting the above-required documents, the student gets an invitation letter from the ministry of education of that country. And then the last step is to apply for Visa. Bhoma education provides the facility of pickup from the airport of the respective country to drop the student at the university and complete the formalities.

Opportunities after MBBS in Abroad

There are many opportunities after MBBS Abroad. MBBS Abroad is a great career choice as it gives many options and opportunities to students for their future.

• The student can come back to India and can appear for MCI screening test. After clearing the MCI screening test the student gets the registration number from MCI and then he/she is eligible for medical practice in India.

• After completing MBBS Abroad, a student can look for various opportunities and can also pursue PG in that country.

• Student can settle and grow their career in that country.

• They can also pursue their PG in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

• The student can apply for USMLE and can practice medicine in USA.

Cost of MBBS in Abroad

The cost of pursuing MBBS in countries like Ukraine, China, Kyrgyzstan, etc is very low as compared to MBBS in India. As the medical universities in India demand high donation and other charges, it is beneficial to pursue MBBS Abroad.

The hostel costs are also very low. The food according to choice is always available at cheap costs in these countries as a number of restaurants and bakeries are open all the time.

Language and Medium of Instruction

Country Official Language Medium of Instruction
Ukraine Ukrainian English
China Mandarin English
Kyrgyzstan Russian English
Russia Russian English

Most of the countries have English as a recognizable language. Countries like China, Kyrgyzstan, USA have English as a major language. You can easily communicate with the people of these countries in English. While in some countries you need to learn the local language such as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The local language is useful when you go to food stores, stationary shops or shopping complex. Also, it can help to interact with patients knowing only the local language during the internship period.

Safety in Abroad

The students are safe as most of the universities have foreign students association inside the campus. Universities campuses have full-time security with CCTV cameras. Indian students feel safe and comfortable because there are many Indian students present at the university to help them. The rules and regulations in these countries are strict and made keeping in view the interest of students and citizens of other countries.

Countries to choose for MBBS Abroad

There are many Asian countries that provide an opportunity to Indian students for MBBS study Abroad.

These countries are:
1. China
2. Kyrgyzstan
3. Philippines
4. Nepal

Some of the countries in Europe that offer MBBS study to Indian students are :
1. Russia
2. Ukraine
3. Poland
4. Georgia

Some points to remember:
You need to have some points in your mind before selecting a country for MBBS Abroad like the weather conditions and education system in the country.
There are some parameters which you should compare before choosing the country.

1. Decide your budget for MBBS Abroad.
2. Weather conditions in that country.
3. Language requirements for the course.
4. Safety to students from other countries.
5. Cultural differences.
6. Population in that area.
7. Patients flow in the city.
8. Cost of living in that country.
9. Political and economic stability.

Important Tips Before Studying MBBS Abroad

1. Choose the right country for MBBS Abroad.
2. Choose the perfect university with the lowest fee structure and hostel facilities.
3. Plan up to PG.
4. One must need to prepare for his MCI screening test during the MBBS course Abroad.
5. Prefer large cities of the country before choosing a medical university.
6. There are many universities offering scholarships. Apply on time.
7. Feel safe to take education loan.

How to Select a University for MBBS Abroad

The next important step is to choose the university to pursue MBBS Abroad.
Here are some points to look while selecting the university:
1. University grade
2. Experience of the university in this field.
3. No. of hospital beds in that university.
4. Library in that university and canteens providing food according to the choice of students.
5. Fee structure and accommodation charges.
6. Provides MCI coaching to the student.
7. No. of Indian students in the campus.

Why choose MBBS Abroad Consultants

There are many reasons to study MBBS Abroad with the help of Abroad consultants. Abroad consultants ensure that the whole process of admission complete with ease.

The student doesn’t require to take any stress regarding his admission in Abroad university. Choosing Abroad consultants for admission Abroad has been proven great for many Indian students who successfully completed their MBBS study Abroad.

Abroad consultants support a student in every step of his/her entire course duration and treat him as a family member. Consultants are experienced and have gained expertise in this field so they can manage all the formalities and requirements.

Benefits of choosing MBBS Abroad consultants:
1. They give you proper knowledge about MBBS Abroad and future plans.
2. They can clear all your doubts with their consultancy and advice.
3. They will provide you 24x7 support. Hence, you can call them anytime with your queries.
4. They can provide you a low fee structure.
5. You didn’t need to worry about hostel facilities and accommodation charges.
6. Abroad consultants provide you experienced counselors.
7. They can submit the required documents for you.
8. They can provide you facility of paying the fees in installments.
9. They regularly track the student’s record.
10. They have tie-ups with many Abroad universities.
11. You can check the ratings and reviews of Abroad consultants online to check their quality of service.
12. They help you with travel arrangements, transfer facilities, and other formalities.
13. They also help you with the visa process, visa renewal or resident cards.
14. They guide you for education loans.

Some FAQ's about MBBS Abroad

Is studying Abroad a good option for MBBS ?
-Yes, definitely studying MBBS Abroad is a good option.
If you want to study MBBS Abroad,
Then these countries can be a great option: Ukraine, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, USA.

There are many advantages to study MBBS Abroad. Some of them are:
• MCI and WHO approved universities
• High monetary benefits
• Secure and safe countries
• Quality education
• No entrance exam
• Experienced teachers and staff
• Medical degree recognized worldwide
• No donation or capitation fees.

How will you select MBBS universities Abroad?
-You can select MBBS universities Abroad but after looking at these important aspects:
• Your budget (10-15, 15-20 lacs…).
• Selection of country for MBBS Abroad ( Fix to your budget, no. of Indian students, weather, language, safety, population).
• Selection of university ( University rankings, experience, tuition fee, library, and canteen, no. of Indian students, facilities, hostel costs).

Is NEET compulsory for MBBS Abroad?
Yes, it is compulsory to clear NEET entrance exam.

How to check universities approved by MCI?
One can check the universities approved by MCI to study MBBS Abroad through the official website of MCI.

Social Life Abroad

Most of the universities provide curricular activities to the students. If you like sports and physical activities then, you will be provided with various sports equipment. You can also enjoy theatre and music facilities. You can go for shopping and entertainment. These activities add to a mix of both education and social experience.

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

It is a dream of many students to become a successful doctor one day. In India, the number of students who want to pursue MBBS is very huge but the seats available are very less in number. Also, India has a scarcity of doctors. It is known that one can earn huge after doing MBBS Abroad or from India. Therefore, a number of candidates appear for entrance exam each year. Some of them are trying from 3 to 4 years and can’t get admission where they want.

The ratio of doctor to patient in India is very low as compared to other countries. The question arises why India has such a less number of doctors. The main problem is a huge demand for MBBS seats but very low supply. The number of government seats for MBBS in India is very low. And the number of students who appear for the entrance test is more than expected. This means a few number of students gets admission in a government medical college.

There are more seats in the private medical sector but they lack quality education and demands very huge donations. Everyone cannot afford such a high donation cost.

So, it is a bad idea to study MBBS from Indian private medical colleges. As you know there is no guarantee of a job by the Indian private medical colleges. Thus, MBBS Abroad becomes the best way to pursue your medical career.

MBBS Abroad with with less fee

Many people think that studying MBBS Abroad is very costly. But in fact, it is not. It is cheaper than the cost of MBBS in India. The Indian private medical colleges demand high donation while universities in Abroad demand no donation or capitation fee. The cost of living in Abroad is also very low as compared to India.

You can pursue MBBS Abroad in less than 20 lakhs. This cost includes tuition fee, accommodation and food expenses, visa charges. Some might think about education, environment, facilities, safety, etc. But there is no problem as these universities are ranked in top universities of their respective countries.

NEET has been made compulsory for admission into any MBBS college. It is mandatory for a student to clear this exam to take admission for MBBS Abroad or India.

Climate Abroad

The weather is an important aspect as some students find it difficult to live in the climate condition of other countries. The countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine have weathered with a very low temperature and sometimes snowfall. This is not a problem as the hostels are internally heated. So, it becomes comfortable for students to study. Proper temperature is maintained in the hostel.

The weather in China is quite similar to that of India as it shares the land boundary with India. Most of the Asian countries have a similar weather pattern. Thus, any student should know the weather of the country where he wants to study MBBS.

MBBS Abroad at a Glance

Studying MBBS Abroad is no more costly as it becomes very affordable and has earned recognition in India. Before coming to any decision you should compare the tuition fees and hostel charges of different universities across the globe. However, the student definitely will get high-quality education as other countries have a very high budget on education. In the past few years, the number of students in MBBS universities Abroad has rapidly increased. This is the result of all the benefits which students get when they study MBBS Abroad. Thus, MBBS Abroad has been proven a good alternative for the Indian students.

Studying MBBS Abroad is beneficial. There is no demand for donation money by the universities in Abroad. Also, the fee structure is very and affordable by families of the middle class. Always consider top-ranked universities as they provide the best quality education. University must have a library, lab, canteen with good infrastructure. A safe and secure environment in the university helps students to study without any tension.

So, there are many students who want to study MBBS Abroad. You can be one of them. If you have any monetary problems then you would take suggestions from MBBS Abroad, consultants. They can give you full advice on how to finance the course. They can give you important pre-departure tips which are necessary to know before going to their respective country.

There are several countries where you can study MBBS under the amount of 18 lakhs. There are numerous destinations to study MBBS Abroad, where you can study with low fees structure. One must require good learning skills to become a successful doctor after completing MBBS Abroad. There is no language barrier as the medium of instruction is English. In some countries, you will be taught the local language so that you can easily communicate with your patients.

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