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Fujian University

Fujian University

Fujian University

  • Established in 2002.
  • Location - Fuzhou, Fujian, China.
  • Admission time - 25 days.
  • Application deadline - 30th June 2019.
  • Medium of study - English.
  • 12th percentage - 70% required.
  • Minimum 140 Marks Required In Neet
First Year to Sixth Year
Fees 1th Year 2th Year 3th Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee ¥ 35000
¥ 35000
¥ 35000
¥ 35000
¥ 35000


Hostel Fee ¥ 4000
¥ 4000
¥ 4000
¥ 4000
¥ 4000
Medical Insurance

Added in Miscellaneous Charges

TOTAL ¥ 39,000
¥ 39,000
¥ 39,000
¥ 39,000
¥ 39,000

1 RMB ( ¥ ) = 10 INR( )

Step 1 : Admission Letter, Apostile ,Attestation From Ministry Of Education (India):- INR 28,000/- (USD 400) .

Step 2 : Invitation Letter , Medical Checkup ,Registration In Ministry Of Education (CHINA) :- INR 70,000/- (USD 1000)

Step 3 : Stamping, Foreign Exchange Assistance, Document Translation, Registration In Indian Consulate, City Excursion, International Sim Assistance, Airport Transfer Assistance Till University Hostel, Bank Account Assistance:- INR 28,000/- (USD 400).

Step 4 : One Way Air Ticket (At actual cost) Approx $300 (21,000)

Note : All above Fees Structure Includes 5 Year Total Fees. If The Student Want To Do Internship in China Then They Need To Pay Full 6th Year Fee. If Not Then They Need To pay Half Of The Tuition Fees To Do Internship in India. (depend On The Universities)

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Why study MBBS in Fujian Medical University?

1. Fujian medical university finds its place in one of the top universities qualified by MCI to accept MBBS in China.

2. In Fujian medical university all the courses are taught in English. Also, MBBS fees in china is much affordable like we see in the Fujian Medical University.

3. Also, admissions are based on merit and eligibility. There is no entrance examination for admission so China becomes a favourite destination for medical students.

4. Fujian medical university is also recognised by world health organisation. Fujian medical university graduates also eligible for medical licensing examination which are held in different countries.

5. With over 8 years of schooling Fujian medical university offer talent for students. Fujian Medical University will provide 1536 full time teachers, 149 doctoral tutors 1072 master tutors.

6. The Fujian Medical university provide following school and departments- 1. School of public health. 2. School of dentistry. 3. School of medical caring. 4. School of pharmaceuticals.

7. The Fujian Medical University is one of the most advanced and technological in its culture.

8. The Fujian Medical University is shaping wonderful talents of its students from its span of 80 years. Studying at Fujian Medical University is a wonderful experience.

9. One should study in Fujian Medical University because it offers 4 national level specialities, 3 Teaching Achievements Awards, and 2 demonstrational centre for experimental teaching.

10. . Fujian medical university is now the only modern science university located in Fujian province.

11. Fujian medical university has about 128000 undergraduate and 250 PHD, 2800 graduate students.

12.The standard of living there is very good and affordable. In addition, these universities in abroad also provide scholarships to students which is yet another advantage for them.

What is the eligibility criteria for doing MBBS in Fujian Medical University ?

Nowadays most students are looking forward towards studying MBBS abroad. China has become a top destination for students taking MBBS admission abroad. While one gets to experience excellent quality education at a very low cost in China, there are certain eligibility criteria that a student needs to fulfill for applying for MBBS in Fujian Medical University.

The eligibility criteria are :

1. Indian Nationals, Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI’s), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO’s) & Foreign Nationals are eligible.

2. The candidate must have completed the age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December 2019.

3. The candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Biotechnology at the qualifying examination. Provided that two years of regular and continuous study of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology taken together shall be required at 10+2 level for all the candidates.

4. Candidates who have passed 10+2 from Open Schools or as Private candidates shall not be eligible.

5. Must qualify neet.

What are the documents required for MBBS in Fujian Medical University?

Most students nowadays opt for doing MBBS in Fujian Medical University. China has a plethora of medical universities. While the universities provide excellent cost-effective education, the admission process is also hassle-free. There are certain documents required to complete the application process for MBBS admission in Fujian Medical University.

The documents required are :

For admission letter
1. 4 photos of size 3.5 x 4.5.
2. Original of 10th mark sheet.
3. Original 12th mark sheet.
4. Original passport (valid for one-year minimum)

For invitation letter
1. Original 10th mark sheet.
2. Original 12th mark sheet.
3. Original Copy of School leaving certificate Filled Application form

For visa
1. Original passport (valid for one-year minimum)
2. Secondary school certificate (should be with apostille stamp or attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language) 3. Birth certificate (should be with apostille stamp or attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language)
4. Medical test (attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language)
5. AIDS/HIV test(attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language)
6. 8 photos of size 3.5 x 4.5
7. Invitation letter from Ministry of education of China.
8. Confirmation letter to the embassy of China from Ministry of foreign affairs of China.

What are the features of Fujian Medical University hostels?

Fujian Medical University hostels for international students pursuing MBBS in China are located on-campus. These well-appointed Fujian Medical University hostels have fully furnished Air-conditioned rooms. Normally two persons share a room. Each room is equipped with color TV, bed, broadband, table/chair and water dispenser, with 24 hours on duty hostel warden. Kitchen, public laundry, dining rooms are also present. The hostels are given good protection by security agencies and police booths in the Fujian Medical University .

What is the Fujian Medical University ranking?

Fujian medical university received various of honours and recognition by general public. Fujian medical university deals with the role to improve in its work and focuses on undergraduate education, promoting graduate education and fulfil its teaching roles. Fujian medical university ranked 285th in China and in the world its ranking is 2564th. The best part about this university is that it is a non-profit public university.

What are the Fujian Medical University reviews?

Fujian Medical University reviews from the Indian students pursuing MBBS in China are quite positive. The students are extremely satisfied with the excellent quality of education and the comfortable accommodation facilities at such a low cost.

China as a country

China is presently the world's most populated country. China as a country has the culture that is stretching back nearly 4,000 years and it founded many foundations of the today's world which is the modern world. It has an population of more than 1.35 billion. Its population is around 20% of total world's population. China also known as the people Republic of China was founded in about 1949 when the Communist party defeats the nationalist Kuomintang. he also retreated to Taiwan creating Rebel States people Republic on the mainland and the Republic of China that is based on Taiwan. China is now major overseas investor.


Chinese official language is Mandarin. It is also known as Hanyu or Putonghua. This language belongs to Sino-Tibetan. China language is one of the languages used by UN. China language already earned greater status in the world. Mandarin is basically based on Beijing and other spoken areas of China. students in China taught Mandarin as yuwen in their schools textbooks. This China's language is used as mother tongue which is about the one fifth total population of the world. Chinese people sometimes had very impressive influence on countries with their languages which are Japanese Korean and Vietnamese. This language is spoken by majority and minority groups in China. about 1.2 billion people speak this language which is almost 60% of total world's population. The first written record that is appeared in China was around 3000 years ago during the shang dynasty which is really very traditional and historical. The variety of Chinese people describe by native speaker are speaker of single Chinese language what linguist note that there are many other languages also which are belong to their language family. It's internal diversity linked to Roman languages and there are between 7 to 13 main regional group of Chinese. In all these china language the most spoken is Mandarin which is spoken by about 960 million.


Chinese people love to eat various of foods. There are variety of food ingredients. Some China foods are very famous and all popular around the world. some China foods are in the local streets in in India and also in restaurants. Rice is the major staple food that is eaten by Chinese which is mainly grown in Southern China. people in China almost eat rice everyday for their meals. People use it to prepare vines. Noodles is another basic staple food eaten by Chinese. They love Noodles very much specially made from wheat flour or rice flour. they eat normally with vegetables or soup. Tofu beans which contains little fat and are very high in calcium, iron and protein is staple Chinese food and is a Asian cuisine since ancient times. Basically Chinese people eats all the animal meat such as folk, beef, chicken, duck, pigeon, mutton and many others. Pork the most commonly used meat and it appears almost every meal. China has very large consumption of eggs every year. People consume egg by many types of poultry and most common are chicken, ducks, pigeons etc. They can be fried, boiled or with vegetables as tomatoes, cucumber or onions. vegetables are also the second most fundamental part of Chinese cuisine after rice. Vegetable as leafy greens and many different are eaten by them almost every meal.China food is very popular and delicious.


Until the year 2015 China was the world's largest and the fastest growing major economy with growing rate of average 6% over 30 years. Because of some historical and political reasons, China's developing economy and China's public sector accounts big share of national economy then the private sector. according to the international monetary fund the per capita income basis of the China ranked 71 by GDP and 78 by GDP per capita in the year 2016. The country is about US dollar 23 trillion worth of natural resources and among them 90% of them are coal and rare Earth metals. It has the world largest banking sector assets. its total banking assessed is about US dollar 39.9 trillion. China economy is very faster going and the country is the major producer of world belongings. China economy is world largest economy and exporter of good China economy is fastest growing consumer market and second largest importer of good. It is the main trading nation in the world and play a prominent role in international trade.


China is a very vast territory and have more than one type of climate. China climate contains geographical zones. China climate also has tropical zone, subtropical zone, warm temperature zone, plateau zone cold temperature zone, middle temperature zone etc. most of the reasons in China and subtropical zone and part of Guangdong Taiwan etc. The country is located in Eastern Asia and has to face Pacific ocean in the east and South because of its geographic position. The eastern and Southern Asia are very much influenced by monsoon. China climate contains many typical monsoon like tropical monsoon climate, sub tropical monsoon climate and also temperature monsoon climate. In west there are two type of climate temperate conditional climate and plateau and highlighted climate. In the season of winter the China has cold and dry winter and in someone it is warm and rainy climate due to its Topography condition its climate is complicated and diversify from one region to another. for example there is a long winter but no summer in Northern part.


In some four decades since Deng Xiaoping reforms and opens China's growth on unparalleled in modern history. Now the world is eager to attract the growing China middle and upper classes. now in China the GDP has grown and literacy is above 95% and it is as an Communist country, the private sector is on paper and is about 60% of economic activity. Chinese community party enjoy level of legitimacy and will continue in maintaining the country's progress. China's political stability is good and government hold the problems swiftly. Central government has taken credibility on ability for prosperity of people and developing a good society. Now the join of political economy by accepting Beijing propaganda foreign investors convinced them that Chinese community party is good in terms of management.China political stability hold strong and is good place to live in.

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