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Qingdao University

Qingdao University

Qingdao University

  • Established in 1909, 110 years ago.
  • Location - Qingdao, Shandon,China.
  • Admission time - 25 days.
  • Application deadline - 30th June 2019.
  • Medium of study - English.
  • 12th percentage - 70% required.
  • Minimum 140 Marks Required In Neet
First Year to Sixth Year
Fees 1th Year 2th Year 3th Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee ¥ 30000
¥ 30000
¥ 30000
¥ 30000
¥ 30000


Hostel Fee ¥ 8800
¥ 8800
¥ 8800
¥ 8800
¥ 8800
Medical Insurance

Added in Miscellaneous Charges

TOTAL ¥ 40,800
¥ 40,800
¥ 40,800
¥ 40,800
¥ 40,800

1 RMB ( ¥ ) = 10 INR( )

Step 1 : Admission Letter, Apostile ,Attestation From Ministry Of Education (India):- INR 28,000/- (USD 400) .

Step 2 : Invitation Letter , Medical Checkup ,Registration In Ministry Of Education (CHINA) :- INR 70,000/- (USD 1000)

Step 3 : Visa Stamping, Foreign Exchange Assistance, Document Translation, Registration In Indian Consulate, City Excursion, International Sim Assistance, Airport Transfer Assistance Till University Hostel, Bank Account Assistance:- INR 28,000/- (USD 400).

Step 4 : One Way Air Ticket (At actual cost) Approx $300 (21,000)

Note : All above Fees Structure Includes 5 Year Total Fees. If The Student Want To Do Internship in China Then They Need To Pay Full 6th Year Fee. If Not Then They Need To pay Half Of The Tuition Fees To Do Internship in India. (depend On The Universities)

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Why Study MBBS in Qingdao University?

1. Recognized by WHO & MCI.

2. Easy process for MBBS admission.

3. Low-cost tuition fee and living expenses.

4. The staff and Chinese students speak English.

5. Location – City of Qingdao – one of China’s most beautiful & modern cities.

6. Qingdao University follows an International syllabus.

7. Gives you the Eligibility to appear for USMLE, PDMC and MCI screening test.

8. Provision of various facilities and amenities by the university.

9. The university is recognized for the courses it offers in medical sciences.

10. The university is technologically advanced with world-class infrastructure.

11. The University promotes international exchange programmes and it has tie-ups with universities of multiple countries including those in USA, UK, Germany, France, Austria.

12. Special security is provided to the overseas student to make them feel comfortable.

What is the eligibility criteria for doing MBBS in Qingdao University ?

Nowadays most students are looking forward towards studying MBBS abroad. China has become a top destination for students taking MBBS admission abroad. While one gets to experience excellent quality education at a very low cost in China, there are certain eligibility criteria that a student needs to fulfill for applying for MBBS in North Sichuan Medical University.

The eligibility criteria are :

1. Indian Nationals, Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI’s), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO’s) & Foreign Nationals are eligible.

2. The candidate must have completed the age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December 2019.

3. The candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Biotechnology at the qualifying examination. Provided that two years of regular and continuous study of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology taken together shall be required at 10+2 level for all the candidates.

4. Candidates who have passed 10+2 from Open Schools or as Private candidates shall not be eligible.

5. Must qualify neet.

What are the documents required for MBBS in Qingdao University?

Most students nowadays opt for doing MBBS in Qingdao University. China has a plethora of medical universities. While the universities provide excellent cost-effective education, the admission process is also hassle-free. There are certain documents required to complete the application process for MBBS admission in Qingdao University.

The documents required are :

For admission letter
1. 4 photos of size 3.5 x 4.5.
2. Original of 10th mark sheet.
3. Original 12th mark sheet.
4. Original passport (valid for one-year minimum)

For invitation letter
1. Original 10th mark sheet.
2. Original 12th mark sheet.
3. Original Copy of School leaving certificate Filled Application form

For visa
1. Original passport (valid for one-year minimum)
2. Secondary school certificate (should be with apostille stamp or attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language) 3. Birth certificate (should be with apostille stamp or attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language)
4. Medical test (attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language)
5. AIDS/HIV test(attested by the ministry of foreign affairs and translated into the Chinese language)
6. 8 photos of size 3.5 x 4.5
7. Invitation letter from Ministry of education of China.
8. Confirmation letter to the embassy of China from Ministry of foreign affairs of China.

What are the features of Qingdao University hostels?

Qingdao University hostels for international students pursuing MBBS in China are located on-campus. These well-appointed Qingdao University hostels have fully furnished Air-conditioned rooms. Normally two persons share a room. Each room is equipped with color TV, bed, broadband, table/chair and water dispenser, with 24 hours on duty hostel warden. Kitchen, public laundry, dining rooms are also present. The hostels are given good protection by security agencies and police booths in the Qingdao University.

What is the Qingdao University ranking?

Ranking of a university is something that shows its quality of education and reputation in the country.
It is obvious that no student would opt for any university abroad without considering its rank on the national and international level.
The following are the rankings of Qingdao University for the year 2018-2019:
1. US News & World Report - 30.4 (Global score)
2. NSERC – 101
3. Wu Shulian - 94
4. Academic Ranking OF World Universities (ARWU) – 107.

What are the Qingdao University reviews?

Qingdao University reviews from the Indian students pursuing MBBS in China are quite positive. The students are extremely satisfied with the excellent quality of education and the comfortable accommodation facilities at such a low cost.

China as a country

China is well known as a country that is the third largest country in the world, the most populous in the world. It has emerged as a fast-growing powerhouse in Southeastern Asia. As soon as you land in China you will realize that though it seems to be a strict or mysterious country, it isn’t the one. China is one amongst the safe countries in the world and completely safe for students who are going to study MBBS in China. Strictness and conservatism is now history. Chinese are friendlier, happier to interact with foreigners and more hospitable than you must have expected. They will be helping you with everything you need to familiarize with the country. Safety is not the topic that you should worry about as you leave for your MBBS abroad.


Language is another topic that people worry about when they select a country to study abroad. If you are worried regarding the language barrier in China then there is no need to do so because the language barrier finds no place in the student life in China. The common language spoken is Mandarin but since the Chinese youth have studied English as a compulsory course in their primary school, speaking English is no difficult for them. They are as fluent in English as any other English speaking person would be. Even if you happen to come across the older people who do not speak English there is no need to worry about as they would be glad to try to communicate with you and show their hospitality to you.


As you will be an MBBS student in China you will get enough time to test all the food and snacks there. After all, Food is Life. Chinese cuisines vary from region to region due to the country’s large geographical size. Rice is dominant and is found in many dishes cooked in many ways – steaming, boiling, fried. Wheat is a staple diet in arid and dry regions. Other mostly used ingredients are vinegar, soy sauce, salt, oil, garlic, chilies and spices Pork is the source of meat for most of Chinese except Muslims who use mutton and beef instead. There are a lot of restaurants you will be visiting and you will see that the real Chinese cuisine is really dissimilar to the Chinese food that you eat in our country in terms of taste. You may even consider visiting the other trusted small restaurants and the stalls that provide a variety of Chinese snacks after making sure that hygienic conditions are maintained to experience the small snacks and normal dishes. The suggestions of best dishes to try In China are Kung Pao Chicken, Wontons, Ma Po Tofu, Dim Sums, Stir Fried Tofu Rice, and Shitake Fried Rice.


China’s fast-growing economy with Chinese currency being Chinese Yuan equivalent to 10.35 rupees and US$ 0.15 have shortened the gap between its own and America’s economy. It had recorded the GDP of 11,937.56 billion dollars in the year 2017 where on the other hand America had recorded a GDP of 19,362.45 billion dollars. So far according to economic data and international influence, China is not regarded as the number one economy but that time is not farther when it will make great progress in future and be counted as one among the greatest economies. With this being said, looking from the perspective of a foreigner in the country obtaining a foreign exchange in the country is no big task. Students can purchase rechargeable visa travel money check card. Students can deposit the money and can withdraw at any ATM locations in China. Visa card is highly honored at most of the large restraints, shops, and other card transaction locations.


China’s climate varies from region to region because of its vast size. The country can be divided as north, south with Yangtze river being the divider and central China based on differences in weather during different seasons. China has 4 seasons namely spring, summer autumn, and winter. North: Summers in northern China last from May to August and have an average temperature of 38oC which are dry. Winters, on the other hand, are longer and last from December to March and are quite dry with average temperature -20oC. South: Summers in the south are longer than winters lasting from July to September with temperatures hitting 38 to 40oC and coexisting rain makes it humid. Winters, on the other hand, are shorter lasting between January and March and are warmer than winters in the north. However, the temperatures go below the freezing points and warm clothes and heating units are a must. Central: The Yangtze River which divides the northern and southern China becomes the central region along with its neighboring cities. Summers are extremely hot and humid such that the city of Wuhan, Chongqing, and Nanjing are called ‘The three furnaces of China’. Winters here can be as cold as Northern China. The best time to enjoy the climate of China is during SPRING & AUTUMN which ranges from 20o – 30oC.


The peace of a country lies in its political structure and stability.
China enjoys a relatively stable government because of several reasons.
Listed below are the main reasons as to why Chinese citizens find their government stable:
• The politics are dominated by the communist party :
Being the largest party, the CCP’s agenda is implemented quickly and with little to no opposition. As a result, their aims and goals with respect to the country are achieved within a short span of time compared to other countries.
• The fundamental structure of the government :
The government is divided into various organs that function together. The government is divided as the legislative branch, executive branch, military branch, judiciary branch, prosecutorial branch, and the presidency.
• The censorship under which the Chinese people live :
The Chinese government censors content of the media and internet all over the country, for political reasons, that have the capability to influence the wide audience.
The government also makes sure that no content or other websites are available in the country which could pose a threat to the country and its development. People believe that various Chinese online business portals such as Alibaba were able to pave their way out due to this policy of the Chinese government

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