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Are you at a perilous plight, stuck in dilemma and indecision? Are you spiralling down emotionally and mentally? Wrought with several pricking problems to which you know the answer not?To do or not to is no longer the question if you have the potential, the spirit and the capability. If you want to study abroad, have the potential and the spirit, MBBS in USA is your destination. It is where you ought to be. The exposure to myriad cultures, par excellence education, bright future and everything you ever wanted awaits you in your MBBS in USA. Do not be shackled by your own pricking thoughts. Your future is but yours. You have the ability to grab and have it. MBBS in USA is undoubtedly your best choice. The best section of studying MBBS in USA is its universally acknowledged degrees.

It is essential and important to note that the cost of MBBS in USA, especially in Private Medical Colleges is quite high like that of the private colleges in India. MBBS colleges in USA built in the Caribbean Islands which provide the education for the first 3.5 years is low, that is for 4 Trimesters( that is the B.S Degree til USMLE 1) and this is to be balanced by 6 years in mainland USA with the availability of scholarships. MBBS in USA is therefore made simpler via this route

However MBBS in USA after your examination of the 12th board exams are not essentially simple.


Why pursue MBBS in USA ?

  1. It is an internationally recognized medical degree. No additional screening test required after MBBS in USA.
  2. It is approved by WHO, MCI, FAIMER etc.
  3. Large range of Medical universities ranging from low to high cost.
  4. MBBS in USA supports doing PG in medicine in USA / India.
  5. High Monetary Benefits. Doctors immediately after completion of Residency in the USA earns a minimum of $200,000 per year.
  6. MBBS in USA gives complete knowledge and expertise that a doctor requires to achieve a successful career.
  7. From the very beginning of Residency, students will get the stipend up to $48,000 per annum in the top universities.
  8. International students are not required to pay any capitation amount subject to the admission of MBBS in USA.
  9. Universities offering MBBS in USA offer a wide range of subjects related to the medical field.
  10. The expectation for everyday comforts in USA is above delight level and high profile as the country has witnessed monetary development. Thus the doctor along with the family can lead a luxurious lifestyle .
  11. Global students pursuing MBBS in USA witness world-class education, modern library, present-day classrooms with sound video help, web office and propelled PC rooms.
  12. The students studying MBBS in USA are provided with various opportunities to participate in the international exchange programs, conferences, and other scientific projects in various international universities which opens more doors for them to achieve their goals in the field of medicine.

Admission and eligibility

The eligibility criteria MBBS in USA are :

  1. Indian Nationals, Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI’s), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO’s) & Foreign Nationals are eligible.
  2. The candidate must have completed the age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December 2018.
  3. The candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Biotechnology at the qualifying examination.
  4. Provided that two years of regular and continuous study of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology taken together shall be required at 10+2 level for all the candidates.
  5. Candidates who have passed 10+2 from Open Schools or as Private candidates shall not be eligible.
  6. Must qualify neet-2018.

Eligibility for USMLE

A medical student who has already enrolled in and have graduated or have a degree in B.S in the Canadian or the US would thereby be able to start with the MD degree that is accredited to the individual by the Liaison Committee or Medical Education ( LCME ).

However any student who has graduated in B.S, officially enrolled in universities which is not of the U.S or that of Canada and are eligible as per the standard of examination by ECFMG- that is of the Indian MBBS students after their completion of second year in MBBS.

A medical student who has the B.S degree and have been admitted and officially studying in any US medical school would thereby be starting with the DO Degree that is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA)

On the completion of the B.S Degree,the students have to go through a four year degree of bachelor level program which leads to the M.D. degree. On the competition of the first two years of the course, the students from several top universities and medical schools in USA would thereby have to sit for the necessary competitive exam namely USMLE-1. The quality filtration of students begins at this stage, their quality and potential is tested and analysed. The following two years in the hospitals, also externship or clerkship to get the Bachelor's Degree is known as Clinical Rotation. The MD Degree in USA is equivalent to MBBS and not that of the PG degree which is acquired in India. However it is not sufficient to have just the MD degree for MBBS in USA, you or any student would then necessarily be sitting for USMLE-2, this system is the same and unavoidable even if you are hailing from the top University in America.

After the completion of USMLE 2 along with 4 years of study program would then have to pursue the PG level Program. USMLE 2 CK is an online held exam. Students from across the world can then be able to apply for the exam. The following step, CS, is a practical exam, it is just a qualifying exam and almost all students from USA pass this exam without much difficulty. For this exam one has to be present in person in US and it is essentially a practical examination.

The M.D would after that need to be working in hospitals for a period of 3 to 6 years, this depends essentially on the area of specialisation which has been chosen. After the completion of the practice, to become eligible as a doctor or practice in USA the students need to give the Licensing exam that is the licensure examination. This not only completes the MBBS in USA but also at the PG level.

After the completion of this you can as well continue to practise in USA after your MBBS in USA or return back to India and further practice in India.

Therefore for the completion of MBBS in USA it takes nine years, in keeping that you have been clearing the examinations at the required level in the very first attempt. For studying MBBS in USA and the board holding the examination is NBME (National Board for Medical Examination). This board is quite old, 101 years, filtering and producing the best capable students have the potential and the spirit.

How to select university in USA

While choosing the college for MBBS in USA, you need not only to research and narrow down to your preferred colleges having in mind about the budget and the affordable price, it is necessary to also have certain key factors in mind. Study MBBS in USA, have the future you dreamt of and also make the right choices.


Though among other programs Medical Colleges in USA are seemingly expensive and difficult process. Here is behind the lens view, studying in the medical colleges in USA is economic and have the best optimumprogrammes.


In USA in order to practice, you are to complete the board certified residency which is equivalent to PG in India. PG in USA is extremely essential and looked up. Even if you just graduate and return to India, you would then be asked to again sit for the MCI screening test. It is therefore necessary and essential to complete PG.

MBBS in USA is the door to the world, being an Indian student with sky high dreams, MBBS in USA is your perfect option. Exposing you to myriad cultures and everything, providing you with the experience of life, making things simpler and better for you. Thus MBBS in USA have numerous beneficial factors held up for you.

Everything seemingly might apparently look like quite difficult, it is not so and definitely you have the strength and the ability to grab your future and make better and brighter when you will be pursuing MBBS in USA.

Here is the list of top medical colleges to study MBBS in USA. MBBS in USA does obviously require research and for you we have done it!

However if you are planning for MCAT here are the detailed information. For studying MBBS in USA you should have had a percentage of above 60 in physics, chemistry and biology in your 10+2 in your any board of education and definitely should possess a valid passport. Your MBBS in USA and admission depends on various levels and stages, seek and you will be helped.

An individual, to study MBBS in USA have to study the premedical course which essentially does include Bachelor of Science program. Studying of this course is mandatory. This system is defined by USMLE, United States, licensing medical examination.

Every year numerous students apply for the medical colleges in USA, these colleges receive humongous application from various international students. MCAT, Medical College Admission Test marks the basic entrance test or exam for filtering and screening the students accordingly and fetches the admission to the top Medical universities in USA.

For most international students securing high marks in MCAT is extremely important and so should it be for you as well. You or any other Indian student can thereby apply for MCAT entrance after the completion of the premedical program.

Therefore you need to essentially take steps and move forward,making the right decision. MBBS in USA is undeniably the best option. Your MBBS in USA will be the key of that future you dreamt of and wanted to pursue. There are several scholarship options and counseling options that can be provided and will thus be benefiting you. It is important to keep track, these options will make the path towards your success simpler and hassle free.

There are times you will be hesitant about the choice m, but MBBS in USA should not be such, it is not where you should be hesitating. No, this is not where you will be or should be hesitating. MBBS in USA will be providing you with global acknowledgement and the degree you would be attaining is what is going to benefit you to a great extent. You can now sigh in relief, do not have to think of the cost or similar pricking problems, you will be earning while practicing, providing the stipend, and that will be bring down your cost to almost negligible amount. No, do not fretting about your dream MBBS in USA.

MBBS in USA is definitely your choice now and it should be for all the right reasons, fret not for we are here. We are no superhero with superhuman powers but we can provide you help, hold your hand and walk towards the road of success. The brightest future is yours, you do not need to be fretting about trivial causes,aim for the stars. MBBS in USA will not just be fulfilling your dream but also of everyone else who dreamt of the future along with you. MBBS in USA is the fulfilling of everyone’s desires, dreams and idealization. The future is yours doctor to be, heal the world, make it a better place.

If you have the potential and the fire within you, MBBS in USA is undoubtedly the option you must be choosing, curriculum in English, exposure and experience, globally acknowledging degree and fame and responsibility. You need to strive and persevere and work extremely hard, your hard work will be bearing the sweetest results. The fruits of patience and hard work are definitely delicious. Work hard, very hard and pursue your dream of studying MBBS in USA. Do not fret about admissions or examinations, you are going to succeed, MBBS in USA is your future.

Which universities for pursuing MBBS in USA are approved by MCI, WHO and World Directory of Medical Schools ?

USA is the top destination for pursuing MBBS abroad. There are a number of universities offering MBBS admission in USA .But it is quite important to know which universities are approved by WHO, MCI and The World Health Directory for future purposes. MCI approval is very important for students looking forward to practice in India after doing MBBS in USA. The Universities offering MBBS in USA approved by MCI, WHO and World Directory of Medical Schools are :

Medical Universities of USA Fees structure


Spartan Health Science University


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