inspired spiritual jewelry

Inspired Spiritual Jewelry

At Bhoma, wearing spiritual jewelry transcends mere style; it's an embrace of deep-rooted traditions and the healing powers of precious gems and ancient crystals. Our collections are carefully selected to harmonize body, mind, and soul, enhancing your daily life with vibrant colors and designs that reflect your highest aspirations. Bhoma celebrates the conscious choice to uplift and illuminate your existence, guiding you to live at your fullest potential.

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Our Signature Bead

Bhoma is a spiritual protector

A masculine spirit that can be found in the most sacred part of Balinese Buddhist temples. They protect the temple from bad spirits and are carved into the entrances and shrines. Our signature bead, found on most of our Bhoma bracelets, takes inspiration from these shires and serves as your protector and as a sign of masculinity and power. Handcrafted by our Asian jewelry designers. Hailing from Indonesia, Thailand and the surrounding Asean.

Sterling Silver 925

High quality sterling silver built to last


Hallmarked for purity


Handcrafted in Thailand

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