About Bhoma Jewelry


Throughout history jewelry has been used as a sign of power, social status and wealth.


It's been used in rites of passage, as heirlooms, as self expression and as protection.


The word Bhoma comes from the Sanskrit word bhaumá.


In Balinese mythology, Bhoma is the son of the god of rain Wisnu and the beautiful goddess of earth Pertiwi.


One day Wisnu, taking the shape of a wild boar, was digging to the bottom of the earth to meet Pertiwi.


Torrents of stormy rain water gushed into the ground.


Through this union of earth and water Bhoma was born.


Bhoma became an Indonesian guardian.


Found carved at the temple gate which marks the entrance to the holiest part of the shrine.


And at the base of the holiest and most central shrine in the Balinese temple.


Made to protect the temple from malevolent spirits.


Bhoma represents masculinity and self expression.


For some a protector, an athlete, a father, a lover.


Bhoma is the most authentic expression of your masculinity.


Your True Self.